Blog # 1

I know… what an unimaginative title, particularly from someone with ambitions to become a professional writer. But really it describes it all. My first ever blog! And why pray tell have I decided to put my incoherent ramblings here for all to see? Well there are two reasons really. The first, and probably less important of the two, is because it is my birthday. In two days I will turn 33, a rather boring and uneventful number, but still worthy of being marked by an event as phenomenal as the commencement of my very own blog. And secondly, I wanted a public forum on which I could bitch and complain about my inability to get published (and perhaps also seek some advice from my esteemed readers).  True there is every chance that the only people that ever read this blog will be my facebook friends and my mother – but still I will continue to write – at the very least it is cheaper than therapy!!

So please leave me some comments (a happy birthday wouldn’t go astray!) and come back regularly. If you are an aspiring writer feel free to vent your frustrations – I know I will be doing that very thing over my next few posts.

The Exasperated Novelist

4 responses to “Blog # 1

  1. Hi Jo,
    Still not quite sure what a blog is??? but my best wishes for your birthday have hopefully found you.
    Its nice to read about your aspirations. You know better than I that you can do what ever you put your mind to.
    Hugs and kisses all around. Hope we can catch up with you all soon.
    Love to all,

  2. Hi Jody,

    Welcome to the word of blogging!

    But first things first. By my count this is 11 days late, but Happy Birthday!
    While I’m just a baby myself (when it comes to blogging) there is something gratifying about having people take the time to stop by and have a listen. It does wonders for ones confidence when you sign on and find that someone took the time to actually comment on something you wrote. Also there are many great people out there that have excellent advice (Haley is one of them) about getting published. So keep reading, and asking questions. You will get there one day!



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