Get Yourself a 50 Word Challenge

This evening, sitting back enjoying a glass of champas (Matua Valley Sauv Blanc Sparkling for anyone interested… absolutely sensational!) I came across a new writing challenge and decided that I needed to give it a go.

The challenge was found on Cafe Muravyets blog and goes a little something like this…

The piece must be 50 words, exactly (no small task on its own). The theme is ‘dreaming and home’.
And it must contain the following words:

So here is my attempt. As always I hope you like it (and let me know if you do!)

The Exasperated Novelist.

The image materialized. Their nightly rendezvous upon the pier as the waves broke against the sandbar beneath them. Better times? Worse times? These were the same onerous images that would maneuver their way into her brain whenever she thought of home. In a blink, a wink, it was gone. Forever.

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