Blogging Award

Today when I logged onto my blog I was thrilled to discover that Haley Whitehall had given me the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. I an truly honoured and don’t know what to say other than… Haley, thank you.

The rules associated with accepting the award:
1) You link the person who sent it to you (done!)
2) List seven random facts about yourself (see below)
3) Pass the award on to 15 other awesome blog buddies (might make that 4!)
4) Contact them and let them know (will try and remember this bit)

Okay so some random facts about me…
1. I don’t like coffee or tea for that matter (sorry Haley, maybe that means I am just not meant to be a writer after all!)
2. I have a PhD in Chemistry that I no longer use, and may never use again
3. I am a Gleek!
4. I write better after a glass of wine (well I think it’s better or maybe that’s just the wine talking!)
5. I hate winter and am currently very jealous of all my Northern Hemisphere Blogging friends and their warm countries.
6. I am spending alot of time at the moment worrying about my 4 year old daughter’s newest obsession – a boy called Michael (her father is even more worried about this than me – apparently she loves him and dreams about him every night! I thought I had a few more years until the boy-stuff started)
7. And last but not least I prefer savoury over sweet. I love cheese and eat it every day, even though I am allergic to it!

There that’s it. Seven facts about me.

So now onto handing out the awards. There are several people that have been super supportive of me and my meager blogging attempts over the past few months. Those exceedingly sweet people are (in no particular order):
Billie Jo Woods – Out of the Woods (i know Billie Jo also received the award from Haley but she is fabulous and deserves more than one!)
Ken Broad – Fictional Campfire (who makes me laugh so hard I cry and gave me some of my first positive feedback about my writing)
Ozlem Yikici – Yikici (whose posts never fail to make me laugh and/or inspire)
DJ Lutz – Almost Out of Ink (whose generous words keep me writing)

Thanks again

The Exasperated Novelist

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