Don’t Panic It’s Still Me

Welcome to my freshly updated blog. So tell me do you like the new look?

Not only does my blog have a brand new look it also has a brand new name and a brand new layout. Shall I explain further? Well here goes.

I have been tossing around the idea of expanding my blog as per ‘blogging-queen’ Kristen Lamb’s instructions (see here for more info). My blog is supposed to be about selling the ‘Jody Moller Brand’.

So step one – make sure my name is in the blog title – DONE
Step two – don’t just blog about writing! Okay, I need to expand my horizons.

So, according to my new layout (starting Monday) I will post three times a week, under the following categories.

Movie Monday

In addition to my love of books I also love (and I do mean LOVE!) movies. Back before kids I went to the cinema every week, without fail! On Movie Monday I will be discussing everything from my favourite movies, to movie reviews, to the best ever movie quotes, to hollywood gossip.

Writing Wednesday

Before you say anything – yes I realise that aliteration doesn’t work when the W is silent! I have loved building friendships with fellow writers through my blog and I still want to keep a focus on all things writing, continue to post flash fiction pieces and discuss my favourite books. This will all be done on Writing Wednesday!

Free-For-All Friday

As a stay-at-home mother of two preschool children, an aspiring writer and DIY home renovator I have my fair share of mayhem. These topics and many more will be the focus for Free-For-All Friday!

I hope you enjoy the new layout.

As always don’t forget to leave me comments with your thoughts.

Jody Moller
(The Exasperated Novelist)

4 responses to “Don’t Panic It’s Still Me

  1. That was an interesting article — thanks for sharing. I have been thinking of changing my blog to my name for quite some time and writing about topics other than writing, but I felt like I couldn’t because it was mainly a writer’s blog. Now I see that I should do that.

    I like your new blog and the new layout. I think it is a great idea!

  2. I like the new look! Kristen has a lot of great information on branding – I think it will pay off for you.

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