Wednesday’s Rambling Writer – The Elathial Texts

This week I really wanted to post a flash fiction piece, but time being what it is (ie somewhat absent of late) I haven’t had time to write one. So instead I thought I would post a short story (very short actually – it is only just over 250 words) that I have written as part of my research for my new novel The Soul Hunter.

I may well be alone in this endeavour but when I am preparing background for a new story, particularly a story with elements of fantasy, I like to construct my world through the use of short stories which are like excerpts from historical documents. These stories may or may not become part of the the main body of the story, but either way they help me develop the background of the story before I start writing.

The piece below is an excerpt from ‘The Elathial Texts’.

Let me know what you think.

Jody Moller

The Elathial Texts (partial excerpt)

When time began there was only Elathial. There was no God, no Devil, no Heaven, no Hell. Elathial was the one that created the Heavens and the Earth. Made night and day. Made plants, animals and, of course, man.

But Elathial was at war with himself. He consisted of equal parts good and evil. And his two sides constantly disagreed. Overtime his two halves grew increasingly acrimonious, until the day of the cataclysmic split.

Elathial was no longer. In his place were two celestial beings; one of good and one of evil. Unbeknownst to the two beings, one could not exist without the other.

The two beings took residence on opposite sides of the Heavens, a gilded, impenetrable gate dividing the two. God took possession of all ‘good’ souls, Satan took possession of the ‘evil’.

As time passed, the two beings grew weak.

Their saviour was discovered quite by accident.

Satan was always one for practical jokes. He kidnapped a hundred souls, good souls, destined for God’s green pastures. As the souls cowered before Satan his mouth instinctively opened, saliva dripping from his pointed fangs. He inhaled, sharply, vigorously, and consumed the hundred souls.

His strength returned. He felt renewed, powerful.

Satan needed to consume the souls of the ‘good’ to survive. God needed to consume the souls of the ‘evil’.

To achieve this end Satan created an army of Demons from the darkest souls in his possession. To counter, God produced an army of Angels.

The Demons’ purpose was to bargain with humans, insight sin among the inherently good.

The Angels’ purpose was to conquer the Demons.

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