A Round of Words in 80 Days – Check-In Day 14

So another ROW80 check-in has rolled around and I am very pleased to say that the last few days I have not only met everyone of my goals but managed to exceed them. I have written 3722 words on my WIP (Soul Hunter). I also commented on 15 other ROW80 blogs (gotta spread the love people), I critiqued 3 chapters for a friend, and I am more than halfway through the draft of short story (1250 words in for a max of 2000). So all in all I feel pretty damn chuffed with my progress over the past few days.

Here is the breakdown for my daily progress on Soul Hunter:

DAY 11 – 1069 (total 7740)

DAY 12 – 1027 (total 8767)

DAY 13 – 1051 (total 9818)

DAY 14 – 575 (total 10393) (but today I also worked on the short story)

Before the next check-in I want to continue with at least 500 words a day; I want to comment on another 15 ROW80 blogs; and I want to finish a first draft of my short story. Big goals but we will see how I go.

I hope you are all doing well with your ROW80 goals too, and if you’re not, don’t stress you can always pick it up next week.

As a side note I am going to Disney on Ice tomorrow – can’t wait!

Lots of ROW80 love to you all.

Jody Moller

9 responses to “A Round of Words in 80 Days – Check-In Day 14

  1. Disney on Ice sounds like a fun time, enjoy 🙂

    Great job on meeting your goals, Jody. Nice mixture of work between your personal projects and supporting others. Well chosen 🙂

  2. Jody you are doing a fab job! Well done you!!! 🙂 Your goals are great and you are spreading the love! What more could you want -super duper you! 😀 Keep the vibe going and keep us posted on your endevours -as well as Disney on Ice! 🙂

    • after 5 minutes of trying to post on your blog (my computer hates blogspot I don’t know why) I have decided I will have to post my message to you here. I hope you get it… Great job with hitting your goals despite adversity (and yes grumpyness definately counts as adversity). and thanks for sharing some love over on my blog.

    • Love the Cookie Monster picture. If you don’t let life get in the way of your writing sometimes you would have nothing to write about 🙂 Hope you do well with your goals next week!

  3. Amazing job! Congrats on getting it all done! I’m a new follower of your’s. Hope Disney on Ice was great!

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