Monday at the Movies – Up and Coming Films

Welcome to another edition of Monday at the Movies. Today I thought I might talk about some up and coming movie projects that I am particularly excited about.

1. Roger Rabbit 2

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As I have mentioned on here before I am a child of the 80’s (before you get your calculators out – no I wasn’t born in the 80’s but it was in the 80’s that I developed my love of film). One of my favourite movies of the 80’s was Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The film is a cult classic; a brilliant combination of live action and animation; great characters, including the devilish Judge Doom (portrayed by Christopher Lloyd) and the now infamous Jessica Rabbit;  a clever storyline; and some of the best acme products ever brought to life.

Now the rumours of a sequel to Roger Rabbit have been circling since the original was released in 1988. However, in recent months the buzz is back – big time! Apparently the film is FINALLY being made. Robert Zemeckis (original director) will be directing and at least one of the original writers is currently working on the script. The question on everyone’s lips though is WHAT FORMAT WILL THE FILM BE IN? For a long time there was talk of not only the cartoon portion of the film being animated but also the people via the wonders of CGI animation. Now I am sorry but – WHAT!?!?! The beauty of the first film was the ground breaking interaction between the live action characters and the animated ones. The humans NEED to be live action and Roger NEEDS to be handdrawn.

In my opinion (movie producers are you listening?) unless the plot for the story involves the rise and rise of the CGI animation, with up and coming CGI characters pitted against a collection well loved hand-drawn characters (which would make for an interesting story) keep the CGI stuff out of there.

Will Roger Rabbit 2 stand proudly beside its predecessor? Only time will tell.

2. One Shot

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Yes that’s right the one and only Jack Reacher is going to brought to the big screen. Not familiar with Reacher? Well you need to change that. Reacher is the protagonist from all of Lee Child’s novels (Lee Child is the pen name of Jim Grant) – and he is a great protag. An ex-military police officer now drifter that carries nothing but a toothbrush and the clothes on his back, he is vigilant, stoic and deadly. Great character and great news that he is going to finally be in a film – or so you would think…

So why am I less than enthused about this film? Casting! Reacher is described in the books as 6’5″, 250 pounds, ice-blue eyes and dirty blond hair. He is strong, with a muscular physique and very little body fat. But most of all he is tall, really, really tall. So who is the number 1 actor that should NOT be playing Reacher? Well that’s easy, I hear you cry, that would have to be the exceptionally short Tom Cruise. Yes, that’s right he is only 5’7″ almost a full foot shorter than the character and yet somehow they have taken it upon themselves to cast him in this role.

I understand it is important to cast a big name in today’s hollywood to guarantee your movie will be a hit, but really when your dealing with well loved characters (I mean come on the 16th Reacher novel is about to come out) then you need to show a bit of intelligence, I am fairly certain that even standing on the box he uses to look taller next to his wife Tom Cruise can’t pull of 6’5″!

Also my ‘did you  know’ comment for this week is dedicated to my Mum, who after reading last weeks post informed me that I was a nerd of epic proportions; in her exact words ‘where on earth do you store all that useless information?’ Well Mum, this one is for you… Did you know that Reacher’s name came about when Jim Grant’s wife suggested that if the the writing-thing didn’t work out he could always become a ‘reacher’ (apparently what the British call people that stack shelves in the supermarket) – you learn something new everyday!

Looking forward to either of these movies? What do you think of the decision to cast Tom as Reacher? Any other up and coming movies you are looking forward to? Love to hear from you.

Jody Moller

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