A Round of Words in 80 Days – Check-In Day 21

A big hello to all my ROW80 pals and welcome to yet another check-in. It’s day 21 – yes that’s right people we have been at this for 3 weeks, which puts us more than a 1/4 of the way through already!

Okay so my goals for the past few days? Yes, yes and yes. At least 500 words written everyday on Soul Hunter; I commented on more than my desired 10 ROW80 blogs; and finished editing and submitted my short story Thirteen Months.

DAY 18 – 1236 (total 13554)

DAY 19 – 582 (total 14136)

DAY 20 – 642 (total 14778)

DAY 21 – 1050 (total 15828)

This weeks goals:

  1. Write 500+ words a day on Soul Hunter
  2. Comment on at least 10 ROW80 blogs (share the love people!)
  3. Finish editing and submit another short story (no name for this one yet… better add naming it to my goals to) – name short story!

Now to turn on the telly (Bones and Castle new episodes finally start tonight – in Australia that is, those of you in the Northern Hemisphere probably saw these eps 6 months ago :))

Have a good week writing.

Jody Moller

16 responses to “A Round of Words in 80 Days – Check-In Day 21

    • My silly computer doesn’t like blogspot for some reason so I will have to leave a comment for you here… Welcome to this round of ROW80! Sounds like you are doing really well so far. Don’t know if you are interested but you should check out the program StoryBook! I have found it really useful for timelines, locations, characters etc (and it’s free)

  1. Jody you are doing a swell job with your goals! 🙂 Well done you -want to share any secrets? 😀 Keep the good work going and good luck with naming your short story (I too need to find a title for my second WIP!).

    • Sorry to hear that you have been under the weather. Hope you are feeling better over the coming week. Hopefully I can come up with a name – it is my first foray into a new genre so we will see how it goes! Thanks for the support..

    • thanks for your support. I love your goals – I need to add exercise to my list aswell maybe that way I would actually get some done! Castle last night was great (as always) looking forward to next weeks ep…

  2. Good on you, Jody. You’ve accomplished a lot in the first quarter! Ah, yes, titles. Sometimes they hit me right between the eyes, and other times, they like to play hide and seek. Have a lovely week, and enjoy Castle and Bones (no spoilers from me!)

  3. Nice job on goals this week – glad you’re having so much success with ROW80! Very jealous you’re starting Bones. We can’t make our local channels work (even though I’m in the Northern Hemisphere) so we watch everything on instant netflix. CANNOT wait till they add season 6! Best of luck this week!

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