ROW80 Check-In Day 35

I’m back people. As I write this my laptop is perched precariously on my lap, complete with brand new hard drive, all my favourite programs reloaded and my toolbars set up the way I like them. Everything is back to normal. And I am still riding the high from the publication of my short story!

This evening I finished writing chapter 11 (the chapter that was lost when my hard-drive crashed). So as of today it is officially as though the incident never occurred. Over the past few days I have managed to get myself back into the rhythm of writing my 500 words a day. And I have even been backing-up every day!

DAY 34 (Thurs) – 620 (total 18948)

DAY 33 (Fri) – 603 (total 19551)

DAY 34 (Sat) – 1081 (total 20632)

DAY 35 (Sun) – 528 (total 21160)

Oh yeah – and yesterday I broke through 20000 words written since ROW80 started! YAY!

My goals for the next week include: 1. Continue my 500 words a day on Soul Hunter. 2. Get back into blogging with my regular, Mon, Wed, Fri line up returning this week! 3. Comment on at least 10 other blogs from the ROW80 crowd. 4. Start reading Kristen Lamb’s book, We Are Not Alone (which has been sitting on my computer for months untouched).

So that is my week all planned out. What about you? Was it a good week? Bad week? Hope the next one is good for you.

Jody Moller

9 responses to “ROW80 Check-In Day 35

  1. Awesome, Jody! Great attitude and glad to see you are both recovered and moving ahead. You’re going to love Kristen’s book, it is fantastic.

    Have a great week!

  2. Great job! One question though (please forgive me if you answered in previous posts) how did you get over loosing your work and what was your process of writing it again? I had a similar incident and I’d like to know how you handled things.

    • I was devasted. And I have to say that if I wasn’t doing ROW80 I would probably still be wallowing. But I had goals to reach so I just sat down and kept writing. Initially I couldn’t face rewriting what I had just written so I moved on and wrote the next chapter before going back and rewriting chapter 11. I have an outline – but it is quite rough – so I knew what had to happen in the chapter, I could remember bits of it, but the chapter is quite different this time (in particular when I wrote it the first time I was contemplating what level of raunchiness to include in a sex scene – this time around it is a bit more PG!) Best advice I could give is don’t let it get you down – get back into it and keep writing, even if you work on a completely different novel or even a short story. Keep the words flowing and eventually you will find the desire to get back into it.

      • Good idea, working on something else for a while. It would be difficult to go back and write the same thing again right after losing it.

        Glad everything is fixed and back on track. And congrats on getting the story published!

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