Wednesday’s Rambling Writer – Short Story Contests Aug/Sept

I spent some time today sifting through the mulitude of short story competitions available online. I was looking for something that was relatively cheap to enter (none of this $25 to submit a 500 word story stuff!), that had a deadline relatively soon (Aug/Sept), had a word count somewhere below 5000 words (preferably even lower than that) and most importantly caught my interest (good topics, genres, bizzare word counts – whatever).

As I collated the best of these short story contests I thought that some of my online writer friends may also be interested so I thought I would list them here for you all to check out. I have listed my favourite 5 contests below. This list is not definitive but I think the contests sound great. I will not be entering them all (if only I had that much time on my hands!) but hopefully I will get to enter a couple.

I hope you find it useful.

Past Loves Day Story Contest, 2011.
Deadline: August 17, 2011
Word Count: 700 word or less
Entry Fee: free
Prize: $100, $75, $50, + Honorable Mention(s) – winning stories will be published in an Anthology
Theme: True story of a former sweetheart.
Fiction International’s Writing Contest 
Deadline: August 31, 2011
Word Count: 2000 words or less
Entry Fee: $15
Prize: $1000 + publication in Fiction International
Theme: Blackness
Eligibility: Must have published no more than 2 books.
Gemini Magazine Flash Fiction Contest
Deadline: August 31, 2011
Word Count: 1000 words or less
Entry Fee: $4
Prize: $1000 + publication in Gemini Magazine
Theme: Open
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Prize For Imaginative Fiction
Deadline: September 1, 2011
Word Count: 4000 words or less
Entry Fee: $10
Prize: Grand prize: $1,000, 4 runners-up receive $100 + winners published in Rosebud.
Theme: Original works of fantasy, science fiction, mystery, or horror
100 Words or Fewer Writing Contest
Deadline: September 18, 2011
Word Count: 100 words or less
Entry Fee: $15
Prize: Grand prize: $500, $150, $100, $50.
Theme: Open (no porn or gore)

This is also a check-in for ROW80 – I’ll make it short and sweet!

My word counts the last few days are below (I have lost count of what day we are up to so from now on I will have to use the day of the week!) 🙂

Mon – 568 (total 21728)

Tues – 554 (total 22282)

Wed – 534 (total 22816)

 So I have hit my goals (but only just!)

I have been a bit slack on commenting on other blogs (in fact in reading other peoples blogs all together) but the first few days of the week are always busy so I should have some more time over the next few days!

Hope you are all doing well with your goals.

Jody Moller

5 responses to “Wednesday’s Rambling Writer – Short Story Contests Aug/Sept

  1. Thanks for the list of contest. I’m going to check them out. 🙂
    Great job on your word count as well. Hitting them is better than missing them, even if it is just by a little! 🙂

  2. Nice list – I had not heard of most of them.And excellent job of keeping at your writing (goals are just goals, it’s okay to miss one as long as we have one!) I have been remiss in my writing due to “life” but you are keeping me honest. Thanks!

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