ROWnd 3 – THE END!

It is the end of Round Three of a Round of Words in 80 Days. So this is the place where I restate my goals and let you know what I managed to achieve across the 80 days but before I do that I want to say how much I enjoyed this experience. The challenge itself is great, Kait Nolan has done a fabulous job constructing a flexible challenge with ROW80, but what allows this challenge to stand above the rest is the participants. I can not even begin to tell you how great all of the people are that I have interacted with across the past 80 days. Obviously I can’t name you all here but I want to say a big thankyou for all your support (in particular thanks to the iCrit girls, meeting you has been the highlight of ROW80!)

Okay so on with the summary.

At the beginning of Round 3 I stated that my goal was writing 500 words a day on my WIP ‘The Soul Hunter’ for 80 days (if you remember I also put in a clause that if I was ahead in my word count I could miss a day). Which means that at the end of the 80 days I should have written (come on I know you can work it out :)) 40,000 words.

I will break the challenge down into two parts. For me the most challenging part was always going to be the ‘writing everyday’ bit. Sadly I didn’t succeed in writing everyday, across the 80 days I missed 2 days. The first of those days was spent trying to get my laptop to work when my hard drive failed and the second day was the next day when I was crying over the 4000 words of Soul Hunter that I lost when my hard drive failed. But apart from those two, slightly exceptional days, I wrote at least 500 words everyday, I even managed to borrow a computer for the week my computer was in the shop being fixed so I could keep writing. And I now back up my work everyday!

As for the 500 words a day – well I kicked its butt! Soul Hunter was at 6500 words when the challenge began and I am now at 66,646 which means that I wrote 60,146 words during the course of ROW80 (I actually wrote a little over 4000 more than that, remember the hard drive failure, but I am trying not to dwell on that too much). And the best bit is that I only have 2 chapters remaining on Soul Hunter and the first draft will be finished 🙂 With a bit of luck another week and I should be there.

Overall I am completely chuffed with my progress with an average of 750 words a day I did better than I could have imagined.

Of course, I will also be signing up for Round 4 of ROW80 which is due to start on Oct 4th (running through to Dec 22). If you are contemplating joining in make sure you go to the ROW80 website and check out the rules. In the next round I am going to be a bit easier on myself, as I will be on holidays and don’t want to tie myself down to writing everyday but I will still be participating.

Also, if you were a participant in the current round, or if you are contemplating the next round make sure you come along to the ROW80 Twitter party hosted by Jenny Hansen on Oct 5. Check out her website for details.

Once again a big thankyou to all the people that cheered me on, particularly when my computer fried, all your words of encouragement really helped.

Jody Moller

15 responses to “ROWnd 3 – THE END!

  1. WOW, Jody!! I am so completely proud of you!!!! Yes, I’m full of exclamation marks but you so completely Rocked the ROW, you deserve as many as I can type. The people ARE what makes ROW80 so amazing. That and hearing about people who knock their goals out of the park. 🙂

  2. You exceeded your own expectations! Doesn’t it feel fabulous? I am always so happy when I break a goal I’ve set for myself.
    I’m glad to hear that you’ll be back for Round 4! When a tool promotes so much productivity in our lives, it’s good to keep using it. I’m sorry to hear that you dropped out of the Campaign! Maybe next year. Good luck getting your novel, Soul Hunter, to the finish line and begininning edits. ~ Nadja

    • Thanks Nadja. I actually took a break yesterday from Soul Hunter and concentrated on going through everyones blogs instead – today I will be back into it though, have to get to that finish line 🙂

  3. Wow! I love the way you just swept on through, despite computer failures and word losses (I groaned at this part!); you are one determined person!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier…and I’ll see you in Round 4!

    • Thanks Laurel. I don’t know that I would have gotten straight back into it if I wasn’t doing ROW80 it really helped get me motivated to just keep going and once I had rewritten the lost 4K it was like it had never happened 🙂

  4. Great job with the goals. Mucking up only 2 days of 80 is pretty killer!

    Sorry about the lost words. Nothing takes the wind out of your sails like losing words. It sounds like you have a back up figured out, but I wanted to offer a second solution that I’ve found helpful.

    I use a little program called Dropbox ( I actually do my writing on several different computers (sometimes on the work machine over lunch, I have a travel laptop, and a more powerful desktop). The program is really light and allows me to keep a folder on all of those machines that is automatically synced up.

    The bonus is that not only do I have up-to-date copies on several of my computers (updated whenever you save), but it also saves a copy “in the clouds,” and shows you the history of revisions that you can revert back to at any time. It’s really a simple and elegant solution to both backing up and syncing multiple computers. I’m a big fan, and it’s allayed my fears of losing a computer. Just something maybe worth checking out…

    See you in Round 4!

  5. Jody -you have done a SMASHING job! You certainly should be ‘chuffed’ as well as over-the-moon! Wow! Just wow, wow, WOW! I’m loving the vibe -glad we’re together in iCrit! 😀

  6. I know what’s it’s like to have a data loss after a computer malfunction. I was so devastated, I walked away from my first book for a few years. (it was several thousands words gone) Kudos to you for having more tenacity than I did. I’ll be in the next round, so I’m sure I see you there. Good luck!

    • Thanks Kate. It was difficult but like I said without the support of the ROW80 crew I think I would have packed it in for a while too. Looking forward to catching up with you in Round 4 🙂

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