ROW80 Check-In – 5 October

Don’t worry all – this is going to be short and sweet. As this is only the third day of Round 4 of ROW80 it is understandly that I have not yet achieved all that much.

I have managed to write 2000 words on Soul Hunter over the past 3 days – so pretty happy on that front. And I am more than half-way through the first of Margie’s lectures on Empowering Characters’ Emotions. As part of that lecture I discovered that I am a left-brain dominant (pretty much already knew that and the fact that I got excited when I read that I was going to be allowed to use 5 different coloured highlighters for my editing also kind of gave it away :)).

On the down side, three days in and I have done zero exercise (plus I have attended two kids parties in the past two days and have consumed heaps of junk food :P).

Each week at my ROW80 check-in I have decided to include a writing tip, some will be obvious ones that we all know, some, perhaps will be new to you and might help you with your writing. So this weeks tip is ‘SHOW DON”T TELL’ an oldie but a goodie. Often we show AND tell, but don’t mistake the reader for a fool, they probably already know that the man that is slamming his fists against the table is angry or the woman that runs her tongue delicately across her lips is suggesting her sexual availability. Show it, don’t tell it!

I hope ROW80 is treating you well so far.

Jody Moller

6 responses to “ROW80 Check-In – 5 October

  1. Woot woot – that’s awesome on 2000 words! And LUV that you want 5 different coloured highlighters for editing. LOL! That’s fantastic!
    Don’t beat yourself up about the exercise – that’s probably the hardest habit to incorporate. I was suppose to start a learn to run program yesterday but it was raining. You can’t run in the rain right?!?! Oh well, a zillion excuses later – we just need to put them behind us and know that today is a new day so we’ll try harder to do better.
    Keep up the great work – LOVE the writing tip as well!

  2. I love Margie Lawson. I took a course by her, called Body Language and Dialogue Cues. It was awesome =)
    Right now I’m taking the Self-Editing course taught by Angela James, the Executive Editor of Carina Press … another must!
    Keep you the good work!

  3. Good job! Even though I know all about showing vs. telling, I still find moments of telling in my WIP that need to be fixed. You’re right that readers should be given more credit.

  4. Good job on keeping up with the writing. I am not quite so diligent these days, although I did make today a junk food day entirely.

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