What New Year’s Resolutions shall I break this year?

Are you, like me, someone that sets out an excessive and unacheivable list of goals every new year and then manages to break every single one of them within the first month, or on a really good year by the conclusion of the first week? Yes? I have broken my New Year’s Resolutions so many times that now cringe internally at the mere thought of forming resolutions.

Well let it be known that this year shall be different!

Sure, I have said that before as well. But this year I have one thing that I haven’t had in previous years – I have a plan! I am not simply going to create a list of unspecific goals such as ‘I will lose weight’, though heaven knows I need to! Instead I will keep it simple, ‘I will exercise for 3 x 1 hr sessions per week’. In fact, I am going to get even more specific than that. I was lucky enough to get an XBOX Kinect from Santa for Christmas so my goal will be to ‘play’ Just Dance 3 on my XBOX for 3 x 1 hr sessions per week – because let’s face it prancing around my lounge room in a slightly demented fashion, doesn’t really feel like exercise.

Of course there are other goals other than just ‘exercising’. I also want to read more, and write more and you know – enjoy life more.

For the reading part I have decided to try and complete the 50 books and 50 movies challenge. I am not sure where I first heard about it so unfortunately I can’t leave a link here but I read it somewhere and it stuck, so I am going to try and read a book and watch a movie every week for a whole year. To encourage me to continue this I will include in my blog posts each week what books/movies I have consumed during the past week and I will create a new page with an ongoing list.

As for writing I am going to continue to participate in the ROW80 challenges for 2012 ( I know I have missed the start of the current round but I will try and catch up soon). It is too broad to list writing goals for the entire year so by joining in with ROW80 I can generate more specific goals. I will include these ‘specific’ goals for the first ROWnd of this year in my next post.

And that is it for this year’s resolutions:

1. Exercise 3 x 1hrs per week

2. Read 1 book and watch 1 movie per week

3. Participate in all 4 rounds of ROW80

Well hang on just a minute! We are already almost a week into 2012 so I should be able to tick off the first week of goals already! Right?

*anxious pause*

Just kidding. I am going great guns.

1. I have already done 2 of my 3 hrs of exercise (the final one to be completed tonight once the kids are in bed and hubby is at work)

2. Not only did I watch a movie, I actually managed to go to the cinema to see one. Hubby and I went to see The Adventures of Tin Tin and I absolutely loved it and would highly recommend it to anyone. Continuing the action/adventure theme I read Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days (on my brand new Kindle touch which I am absolutely in love with!). Oh yeah, and I also read Book 1 and Book 2 of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. Which puts me at 3 novels completed and we are only at the 7th of the month.

3. True I haven’t done any writing yet, but I will sign up to ROW80 tonight and get my butt into gear I promise!

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL. And best of luck with your own resolutions. Do you have any? Do you have a plan? As always, I love hearing from you.

Jody Moller



6 responses to “What New Year’s Resolutions shall I break this year?

  1. Great to have you back and blogging again Jody, as I very much enjoy your ‘incoherent ramblings’. Upon reading your goals, I thought a book a week may be a little ambitious (that is a lot of borrowing from the library), however the convenience of downloading books to your Kindle, should make it a little easier. I am a little old fashioned, and much prefer holding a book in my hands when reading.
    Good luck with the challenges and goals for 2012, and please keep us posted on your recommended list of movies and books.

    • Thanks Katy. I thought I would detest the Kindle, but because it is not actually a computer screen, and because it is so small it doesn’t really feel much different to a book (except that in some ways it is better, when you hands get tired you can put it down with the pages closing on you!)

  2. good luck with your goals!! I have reading as part of mine too, with 1 fiction book a week & 1 writing craft book a month. I don’t have a Kindle(yet?), but do have the kindle app on my phone, and it does make things more convenient.

    • I was hesitant in purchasing a Kindle but it has been one of the best buys I have ever made. purely for the convienence if no other reason. I have now read 5 books in a week!! I have the Kindle Touch (which I thankfully bought while I was in the US as that model it not available in Australia) – highly recommended. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment and good luck with your resolutions for 2012.

  3. I have plans for the New Year, but no resolutions. I don’t really do resolutions. I talked about my plans here: http://u-town.com/collins/?p=2958

    I really like my Kindle. As you say, it is so much easier than reading on a computer screen. I use it all the time for marking up my own drafts, too. Rather than print out draft after draft, I just load them onto the Kindle and add comments there. Saves a lot of paper and toner, and it’s much more portable.

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