Twilight vs The Hunger Games

The whole world is talking about it, The Hunger Games movie opens next week. Am I excited? Hell yes! Of course I am. I decided to read the Hunger Games trilogy earlier this year and I devoured all three of the books in about 5 days. I quite literally couldn’t put them down. So I thought in honour of the film’s debut I would write a series of blog posts about various aspects of the Hunger Games.

I was standing in the supermarket last week waiting in the queue to purchase my groceries and my eyes automatically took in all the gossip on the front pages of the magazines (I don’t actually read any of the kinds of magazines you find at the front of the supermarket but I do like using the captions on the front pages to keep me up to date with entertainment gossip). And there front and centre was a story about the rivalry between the casts of Twilight and The Hunger Games. I mean seriously!

Anyway, this got me thinking about the two books and all the comparisons that have been drawn between them. The thing is, at least in my opinion, I don’t think the books are similar AT ALL. Sure they are both aimed at a YA audience and both have been hugely popular but I think the comparisons end there. These two series are popular for very different reasons.

What does Twilight have going for it? One word. Edward. Those books are popular for only one reason and that is because almost every hot blooded female that has been within 10 feet of one of those books is in love with the sparkly vampire. While there were certainly alot of problems with Stephenie Meyer’s books one thing she definately got right was the romance between Bella and Edward, and even the triangle with Jacob.



What does The Hunger Games have going for it? Action, awesome characters (particularly Katniss, who is everything that Bella Swan should have been, tough as nails), action, a good dose of morals and more action. The Hunger Games achieves what Twilight didn’t, it has a great story underlying the romance. Oh, but there is that word – romance. There was one vital flaw with The Hunger Games and that’s that the romance between Katniss and Peeta or Katniss and Gayle, take your pick, both of them were ordinary. There was no spark, nothing. And don’t even get me started on the resolution in the final book of the series as to which of the boys she chooses. For me romance was the part of the Hunger Games that was really lacking.

In my opinion Twilight could have learnt a lesson from Hunger Games about how to write an action scene with characters that you don’t want to strangle; and The Hunger Games could have taken a page out of Stephenie Meyer’s books on how to write romance. (And before you squeal, yes I realise that Twilight was released before the Hunger Games and therefore the first comment above is realistically impossible).

What did you think? Have you read The Hunger Games? Did you enjoy it? How would you compare it to Twilight? Are you looking forward to the film? As always I love to hear from you.

Jody Moller

5 responses to “Twilight vs The Hunger Games

  1. I am yet to read The Hunger Games, so I can’t really comment on that, but I don’t know that anyone should take a leaf out of Twilight’s book when it comes to writing romance. That might be just my opinion, though; I am in the minority of women on whom Edward Cullen has no effect.

  2. I so agree with your comment about Katniss being what Bella should have been. You nailed it. To me Hunger Games is about pulling for the woman vs. drooling over the man in Twilight. 😉

  3. Exactly, Jody…EXACTLY. I couldn’t put any of the books in the Trilogy down but it was much more about Katniss and the Capital than about her and either of the hero’s.

    It took me a long time to like Peeta, but then I really liked him. Still Gayle was WAY hotter. It was the guy you lust for vs. the guy you make a family with dilemma but I didn’t feel like the sparks were on the page for most of it.

  4. You totally nailed it! Couldn’t of said it better my self. Both book series awesome….anyone saying they are a like, is smoking something. I will see the last twilight and I will see all the hunger games movies…but your right.

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