Happy Happy Birthday!!!

free clip art birthday cake Birthday Cake Clip ArtToday is a milestone. One year ago today I decided to start a blog. I wrote a post about nothing in particular, and now 12 months down the track I am still writing posts about, let’s face it, pretty much nothing.

I am going to be honest with you – I started my blog, not interact with my peers and fellow writers and not because I thought I needed an outlet for all my crazy. I started my blog simply because I read somewhere that when you had no publications to speak of, having a blog gives you at least something to put on your resume. But writing my blog has become so much more than that.

When I think back now on all the amazing people I have met in the past twelve months, through my blog and the MANY other blogs that I now follow, and when I think back on how much the interaction with all of you has changed me as both a writer and a person I get a little bit choked up.

1 year ago I had never even attempted to write a short story, but thanks to my introduction to flash fiction and my subsequent attempts at other forms of short fiction I am now a published writer (click here for a link to where you can purchase A Visit From The Duchess, an anthology that includes my short story ‘The Soul Hunter’).

1 year ago I had no idea about using social media for anything other than catching up with family and overseas friends – now I am on facebook, twitter and google+ and I will soon be starting up a fan page on Facebook too.

1 year ago I thought that the only way to get published was to fight for an agent and cry over rejection letters but now, thanks to you, I am going to self-publish my debut novel (hopefully early next year).

So, thank you. All of you. Thank you to those of you whose blogs I have read. And thanks to those of you who have read my blogs. And particularly thanks to those of you that leave comments on a regular basis and/or have subscribed to my blog. The next two blog posts this week will be a re-post two of my favourites from the past twelve months. I hope you enjoy them.

This is also a ROW80 check-in. I will keep it brief. By today I had been hoping to have the outline for Kaminu completed. OK you can feel free to laugh at me now. Obviously I am no where near done. Not even half way. So I am going to give myself an extra week, by this time next week I WILL BE DONE WITH MY OUTLINE!!!!

On Tuesday it is my birthday. I will be 34. As a birthday present to me subscribe to my blog and join me for another twelve months of blogging as I tackle to momentous task of becoming a published novelist. As always I love hearing from you.

Jody Moller

8 responses to “Happy Happy Birthday!!!

  1. Happy Birthday, Jody…both birthdays :} It’s amazing how we change over the course of a year, right? I don’t know if there’s anything more satisfying than to look back and see our progress. It reminds us how far we’ve come so we don’t get discouraged on the way to where we’re going!
    Have a great week – and get that outline done! Ha!

  2. That’s quite a week. Happy Birthday, Happy Blog Birthday, too. I think my exposure to all the different blogs out there has convinced me to go the indie publishing route too – you’ll beat me to it, but it’s a relief to know I don’t have to spend hours and hours writing query letters to get work produced. Have a great week!

  3. Jody, this is SO fantastic! Happy birthday to you and to your blog. It’s wonderful to see how much you have grown, and all of the things that you have accomplished. Even better, though, are all of the amazing things to come.

    Have a WONDERFUL week, and be sure to celebrate!

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