Break out the trumpets!!!

Break out the trumpets – I have good news!!! After two weeks of broken promises this week I finally managed to finish my outline. Yes, that’s right, I am ready to start writing my novel. In fact, as soon as I am done with this post I am going to open up a word file and start tapping away at the keys. So let’s make this quick.

In addition to completing my outline I also handed my previous novel, The Soul Hunter, over the first of my beta-readers today. More trumpeting if you please. It’s been a good week!

My goals for the next few weeks are to really get into writing my novel. I am aiming for 5000 words a week! I’m aiming high, so we will see how I go.

What about you? Have you managed to hit your goals this week? Are you still struggling? Do you think that maybe you need to rethink your goals? As always I love hearing from you.

Jody Moller

4 responses to “Break out the trumpets!!!

  1. great job on finishing the outline! And good luck on your word goal. I’m still waffling between a time or word count goal once I’m back to the writing stage(editing one project and plotting another right now).

  2. Congrats! And as a former professional musician, thanks for employing all those trumpet players! Seriously, great job on finishing the outline. I am becoming a convert to the outlining method, myself.

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