Happy National Flash Fiction Day

Pull out your trumpets people it’s time to celebrate.

Today is the inaugural National Flash Fiction day in the UK, and a large number of us not residing on that side of the planet have decided to join in giving the event an international flair.

I am very pleased to announce that three of my stories have been selected to be showcased in various publications celebrating this event.

The first of these stories is ‘Tick Tock’ which can be found on the FlashFloodJournal (it’s live now – and there is a constant stream of fiction over there all day – go check it out!).

The second story is ‘A Ghost Story’ which is included in the Twisted Tales Anthology which should be available for download later today. Also these stories will be made available later on via the Ether and also on Smashwords.

The final story ‘Faithlessness’ was included in a pamphlet which is being handed out around Brisbane and across Manchester as part of the celebrations for National Flash Fiction Day. (A big shout out to Chris White for putting this together).

Obviously I am very proud that my work is finally getting out there in the big wide world! Please head over to the #NFFD hash tag on twitter and share the love.

Are you participating in any National Flash Fiction Day celebrations? Did you go and check out any of the published stories? What did you think? As always I love hearing from you.

Jody Moller

4 responses to “Happy National Flash Fiction Day

  1. Congratulations, thats a giant haul!

    I just noticed on The Gurdian website a couple of days before, so posted a story on their site along with about 300 others, from which one of their guests picked four. Not mine, but I posted it on my blog anyway with pictures, looks even better!

    Defintely feel motivated to write more of it, it suits my notebook size 🙂 Bonne Continuation Jody!

  2. Well done Jody! It is great to hear that you are getting some of your work out there. I am made up for you. I am a flash junkie and really wanted to do something on the day but just did not manage it.

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