Feel like devouring some short stories?

Ether Books is running their Sci Fi and Fantasy contest at the moment and guess what? Yes, thats right. I have an entry. My short story, The Soul Hunter, is entered in the contest. All the entries are currently available as free downloads using the Ether Books app on iPad and iPhone.

Here is the poster I made up to advertise my story. So if you feel like reading some great works of fiction make sure you download the app (it’s free) and download some stories before the competition closes on Sunday. And make sure you don’t forget to download my story, The Soul Hunter, while you’re at it (don’t forget it’s FREE) every download counts as a vote in the contest, so get downloading.


While I’m here I suppose I better give a final update on my ROW80 efforts given that the current round ends tomorrow. I’ll give it to you short and sweet – I failed. Completely and utterly FAILED. But I’m not going to dwell on it. I am nowhere near as far through my new novel as I would like to be but I’m further than I was at the start of the round so at least I accomplished something!

I hope you all did well with your efforts for the round and I hope to see you again in the next round. I will be back, and maybe with a bit of luck I might actually be able to get my butt into gear and get my first draft written 🙂

Did you do well? Did you fail like me? Do you have the Ether Books app? If you downloaded my story make sure you stop back and let me know if you liked it. As always, I love hearing from you.

Jody Moller

10 responses to “Feel like devouring some short stories?

  1. You can’t really fail at ROW80… just not hit your goals all the time. I feel like everyone who has participated in this round has forgotten it’s about progress, not about always being at 100%. Doing something is so much better than never doing anything…

    • I guess I’m just disappointed because the first round of ROW80 I attempted I kicked ass but the last two rounds have been a huge disappointment. But I’ll get there – eventually 🙂

    • Hey Emerald. It’s only available through the Ether Books App which you can download from the iTunes app store (currently it’s only available for iPad & iPhone but they are hoping to get an Android version happening soon). Just go to the iTunes store and type Ether Books. Once you have downloaded the app you can find my story either by searching by Author for me or going to the Sci Fi and Fantasy Contest genre link.

  2. Oh no Jody! I just went to download it but I guess I’m too late! Was it really only available until yesterday? Sorry to have missed it.

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