Is Merida the Bravest of them all?

Last weekend I took my kids to see the latest Pixar movie. Or perhaps I should say Disney-Pixar, because this movie more than any of their others has a genuine Disney feel to it. Don’t get me wrong Brave was a good movie, thoroughly enjoyable for myself, my husband and of course, most importantly, my 3 yr old son and 5 yr old daughter, but it definately lacked something that the other Pixar movies seem to have.

Let’s begin at the beginning. Brave is about the young Scottish princess Merida. She is wild, headstrong and totally awesome, plus she has a flowing mane of orange hair that is so incredible in texture and colour that it is the most impressive thing in the film. As far as princesses go she is up there with the best of them, only Rapunzel would have a chance against her and even then only if she could get Merida’s bow off her. But Merida is about to be betrothed and that doesn’t appeal to her, not only because the three first-borns being offered up by their clans are three of the most un-sexy individuals ever put on film but simply because she isn’t the type to be told who she is going to love.

This movie covers new ground, for once the princess is not enraptured in the closest male, in fact, there is no love interest at all in this movie. Instead it is about a different relationship – that of a Mother and Daughter. Being both a daughter and a mother this movie touched something within me. There is something that rings true about a mother trying to do what she believes is best and plotting out a path for her child and the daughter rebelling because her mother’s plans are so completely opposed to everything she has dreamt of for herself.

For the first half of this film I was totally enraptured, both by the story and the spectacular scenery brought to life by some of the most impressive computer animated graphics yet – OMG the fish in the stream! If you’ve seen the film you will know what I am talking about – the computer graphics are awesome! But… why oh why does there always have to be a but? But… just over half-way the film kind of took a turn for the predictable/boring/insert whatever you like here. Whatever it was I found myself looking at my watch and wondering how much longer the movie had to go. It was still a good movie, but it was no longer great.

Overall I think this was a really good movie, equal to most of Pixar’s films but certainly not up there with the likes of Toy Story or Finding Nemo (although it was far better than Cars 2 – so at least they seem to be on the way back up).

I give it 4 LuxoJr’s out of 5.

Have you seen it? Did agree with my review? Do you want to see it? Which is your favourite Pixar film? As always I love hearing from you.

Jody Moller

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