Resolutions, Hits and Misses and Another Round of ROW80

It’s July! The 2nd of July to be precise which means that not only are we more than half way through the year, but today signifies the start of another round of ROW80 (the writing challenge A Round of Words in 80 Days – go here if you want to find out more about it). What better time to look back at my resolutions for 2012 and see how I’m going.

At the beginning of the year I listed the following goals:


1. Exercise 3 x 1hrs per week

2. Read 50 books and watch 50 movies this year

3. Participate in all 4 rounds of ROW80


So how am I going?

1. Exercise 3 times a week – Well… I’ll be honest, I haven’t exercised 3 times a week every week for the whole six months. In fact, I’m probably averaging somewhere about the 1-2 times a week mark. But I am still exercising, and for me that’s huge. The exercise goal is normally abandoned by the end of January so I’m chuffed that I’m still going at all.

2. Read 50 books and watch 50 movies this year – This is well and truly on track. I am up to 30 books and by coincidence I just finished watching The Vow which also gives me a total of 30 movies. You can find a list of all the books and movies thus far here. I have so many books of my TBR list that I should have no problem completing this goal.

3. Participate in all 4 rounds of ROW80 – well I have participated in the two rounds thus far but haven’t achieved the level of sucess I would have liked in either of them. Of course, this round will be completely different (I have the feeling I may have heard that somewhere before!).



1. Read 10 books and watch 10 movies to keep me on track to hit 50 for the year.

2. Keep exercising as often as possible (preferably 2-3 times a week).

3. Write 5000 words a week on either of my two current projects. I was finding it difficult to hit my word targets on one novel, but I think that if I can split it across two different projects I should succeed… I hope 🙂 This can be downgraded if I am failing miserably.

4. Complete one additional ‘Spring Cleaning’ project per week (for example, cleaning out the fridge, getting the cobwebs off the outside of the house…) BTW I know it’s still winter here – I’m getting in early.

5. Try and find some time in among all that to do some edits on Soul Hunter and send it out for another round of beta reading in prep for serious editing (I am still seriously considering the possibility of publishing this book early next year… here’s hoping)


What about you? Have your goals been good to you this year? And have you been good to them? Are you participating in the next round of ROW80? As always I love hearing from you.

Jody Moller




5 responses to “Resolutions, Hits and Misses and Another Round of ROW80

  1. Finding a little success in ROW80 is better than none at all. Keep positive about the molehills you climbed and the mountains will seem climbable in time.

    Good luck to you this round!

  2. Awesome goals! Every little bit helps. I admire your 50 books and 50 movies. I’ve gotten so slow at reading these days. I tend to forget that reading and watching are filling those creativity wells.

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