Tis a ROW80 Update

Hi Boys and Girls. Had a good week? I’ll give you a heads up, mine’s been great! Details on my individual goals are below.



1. Read 10 books and watch 10 movies to keep me on track to hit 50 for the year. Watched – Aliens in the Attic (Embarrassingly enough Hubby and I watched this without either of our children present and even more embarassingly I actually thought it was quite funny) Total thus far =  2/10. Read – City of Bones by Cassandra Clare (enjoyed it, but it wasn’t as good as I was expecting) Total thus far = 2/10.

2. Keep exercising as often as possible (preferably 2-3 times a week). Twice again this week… Yay me! (Have done too many lunges though and now my quads are killing me).

3. Write 5000 words a week on either of my two current projects. 2933 words on Project 1 + 2093 words on Project 2 = 5026 words total. Big cheer because I hit my weekly total for the first time!

4. Complete one additional ‘Spring Cleaning’ project per week. Cleaned out and tidied up the kids art and craft cupboard and Daughter’s bookshelves.

5. Try and find some time in among all that to do some edits on Soul Hunter and send it out for another round of beta reading in prep for serious editing. [Cough] Umm… No.


So excluding my edits on Soul Hunter (and let’s face it, my goal does state TRY and find some time :)) I hit all my goals this week.  Oh yeah, and I think I might have finally come up with title’s for at least two of the novels in my Ankhari trilogy!

What about you? Good week? Bad week? Are you having to change your goals to fit in with your hectic lifestyle? As always I love to hear from you.

Jody Moller

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