A ROW80 Celebration

A week and a half of ROW80 has passed by and this is the first chance I’ve had to write an update so I thought I should make it a good one.

Goal 1: write at least 500 words a day until the first draft of my novel, 2 Brothers, is complete.

Over the past 10 days I have managed to hit my goal of at least 500 words everyday, giving me a total of just over 6000, but far more importantly this afternoon I finally typed those two magic little words at the end of my novel – THE END!

The first draft is complete, I know there is still a long way to go on 2 Brothers but for the moment I am going to put it aside and let it marinate a little while I get on with goal number 2.

Goal 2: once goal #1 is achieved switch to editing mode on the apocalyptic YA novel, aiming to edit ~5 pages a day.

After giving myself tomorrow off (a girl needs a little celebration for finishing a first draft, plus it’s my birthday so I think I’m allowed to take it easy for a day) I am going to dig into the edits on my as yet untitled apocalyptic YA novel. Wish me luck.

Goal 3: keep up with my aim to read 50 books this year.

This week I read the final book in David Estes’ Dwellers Series – The Earth Dwellers. This book was actually the 4th novel in 2 different series (Dwellers + Country), and I loved the way the two series clashed in the final book. If you haven’t read any of David’s books before I can certainly recommend these, particularly if you are a fan of Dystopian YA. Just make sure you read the three sister series novels before reading book 4.

In other news I also managed to get to the cinema to see a grown-up movie this week (unheard of!). Saw Divergent – Loved it!

How are your goals going? Are you killing it? I hope so. Have you seen Divergent? Did anyone else think it was a great interpretation of the novel?

As always I love hearing from you.

Jody Moller

9 responses to “A ROW80 Celebration

  1. Seriously, finishing up that first draft is one of the greatest feelings in the entire world….bested only by finishing up that final draft! Congrats on making it to the end, Jody! Now the real work begins, right? Hehe, great job keeping the goals going! Can’t wait to see how you continue your progression.

    • Thanks LS. I can honestly say that despite the fact I have 4 completed first drafts I haven’t managed to get any of them through to a successfully completed ‘final’ draft yet. As of now that all changes though – I am officially banned from writing anything new until I edit some of the these stories!

      • LOL, I have to do that, too. I’m restricted myself to only THREE projects right now. If I want to work on something else, well, then, I better finish one of those up now, shouldn’t I?

  2. Happu belated birthday!! Hope you had a great day! I haven’t seen Divergent yet-I kept meaning to but then I’d forget and now I don’t think it’s even playing at the one theatre we have around here anymore. I’ll have to wait for it to come out on Redbox.

    Congrats on making progress with your goals and I hope the rest of your week went well. See you around the ROW!

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