Climbing back onto the ROW80 wagon

Half a chapter. That’s how long it took me to fall off the editing wagon. Half a chapter. A week and a half ago, I finished the first read-through of my novel and prepared myself for an intense edit that would probably take upwards of 30 days (and that was provided I could manage a chapter a day) and I lasted, yes that’s right, half a chapter before the wheels fell off and I was brutally reminded that I hate (and I mean Hate with a capital H), I hate, hate, hate editing.

Deep breath. Okay. Now that my little rant is over, I can happily tell you that despite the fact my little wagon has no wheels and can now only plod along at a rather slow pace, in the past few days I have climbed back on and started working my way through the novel. I am currently sitting partway through Chapter 3 and am aiming to finish a chapter every other day till I reach the end.

As for my ROW80 goals:

Goal 2: once goal #1 is achieved switch to editing mode on the apocalyptic YA novel, aiming to edit ~5 pages a day.

So the revised goal is to try and complete a chapter every 2 days (we’ll see how we go). Also I now no longer have to call it my ‘apocalyptic YA novel’ as I have come up with an (at least temporary) title ‘The Utopians’.

Goal 3: keep up with my aim to read 50 books this year.

Big fat fail on this one. I am currently reading Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia, but it’s taking me forever and in the mean time I have fallen at least 2 books behind schedule.

Do any of you have any advice for a failing editor? Do any of you prefer the editing process to writing? As always I love hearing from you.

Jody Moller

4 responses to “Climbing back onto the ROW80 wagon

  1. I just love editing…but it is hard work. Keeping everything in line, and making decisions on parts that you are not sure of. Good luck with your goals.

    • Oh Jo, you’re lucky, I wish I loved it. Perhaps then I would have actually successfully completed one of the four novels currently awaiting my love and attention 🙂 Thanks xx

  2. Editing the novel can be so daunting! I’m currently editing a short story, and even that had me sighing with exasperation the other day. But I’m so happy with the results of really digging in and getting it done, that I tend to be motivated to push through. Once I see the story really taking shape and improving, it’s easier to find my momentum. Hope that happens for you!

    Have a marvelous round. Love the title “The Utopians”!

    • Thanks Julie. I’m pretty lucky, I think it’s in pretty good shape overall (I had a detailed outline) so this run through it just tightening all the rubbish sentences which I find really draining. I will get there eventually. I hope 🙂

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