It’s Sunday Again – ROW80

Sunday has rolled around again (are these Sunday’s getting closer together or is it just me?) which means it’s time for a ROW80 update.

ROW80 goals:

Goal 2: once goal #1 is achieved switch to editing mode on the apocalyptic YA novel, The Utopians, aiming to edit ~5 pages half a chapter a day.

I had a great week this week, finally getting into the editing rhythm and completing a chapter almost every day. I’m now up to the start of Chapter 13 which means if I can manage to complete 5-6 chapters a week I will be done in less than 3 weeks.

Goal 3: keep up with my aim to read 50 books this year.

This week I read Matthew Reilly’s new 3 part novella Troll Mountain. Now I’m a huge Matthew Reilly fan (I own every one of his books and even managed to meet him last year at a conference) but I have to say I was disappointed with this story. It was advertised as a family-friendly story, but perhaps should have been more explicitly sold as a Middle Grade novel. It was a quick read, full of action as always, but it just felt a little derivative. 

Have you had a good week? Hitting those goals? I hope so 🙂

 As always I love hearing from you.

Jody Moller

2 responses to “It’s Sunday Again – ROW80

  1. Congrats on the editing process. I am a relatively new writer but I am really finding the editing process way more difficult than the first draft writing. And the speed you are going is quite impressive.

    • Thank Andrew, I agree, editing is way more difficult but I find once I get into it I start to hit my rhythm. I also find that specifically breaking up my editing runs so that each time I do a complete read-through I’m looking for different things, really helps.

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