ROW80 Goals for Round 3

I know, I know, I’m four days late writing this post and I have a plethora of excuses if you’d like to hear them (don’t I always): Excuse 1 – it’s school hols here, so the kids have been home and this is actually the first time I’ve managed to turn the computer on in over a week; Excuse 2 – new video game (actually bought by the kids, for the kids, to occupy them during a cold and miserable school holiday period but I find it difficult to resist); Excuse 3 – the entire collection of Breaking Bad episodes from my sister (I am not even through to the end of season 2 yet, so this one is going to plague me for a little while longer). Anyway… we need some goals!

Goal 1: Complete my detailed edits on The Utopians
Allocated time: 2 weeks
Progress: Umm… haven’t actually looked at it for over a week but I only have about 8 or so chapters left so I should be able to get through this in the allocated time period.

Goal 2: Character edits on The Utopians
Allocated time: 2 weeks
Progress: Have to complete Goal 1 before I can look at this one

Goal 3: Final read through and compilation of The Utopians for Alpha readers
Allocated time: 1 week
Progress: once again I need to finish the above goals before I can think about this one.

Goal 4: Read (at least) 12 books to keep up with my goal of 50 for the year
Allocated time: whole round
Progress: I read Deaver’s The Skin Collector this week. So I’m 1/12.

If all goes to plan the edits on Utopians will take me through to about half way through the round and then… well… I still haven’t decided what’s next. I’ll get back to you.

Are you participating in the round? Do you find that when the kids are home from school your writing schedule goes completely out the window? As always, I love hearing from you.

Jody Moller

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