Jody was a scientist and teacher and is now a writer and mother – although not necessarily in that order. She lives in a seaside city in Australia with her husband, two kids, and ferocious spoodle, Max.

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  1. Hi Jody:
    I got a note that you subscribed to my blog so I thought I’d pop over and say hello. Haley is very sweet, isn’t she? I have a dear friend in Queensland – Brisbane area – who’s a dog trainer. Not quite a novelist but she intends to write a dog-training book.
    Good luck with the writing. These online classes that Haley and I are taking gobble up the time. I’m beginning to forget how to write. I’m beginning to forget I ever knew how to write. I’m beginning to forget there is such a thing as writing.

    • Hi Nanette,
      Thanks for stopping by. It is always lovely to hear from a fellow writer. I agree with you about Haley, she is fabulous. Although I do have her to blame for my lack of novel writing of late – I have been too busy writing flash fiction, and reading through blogs 🙂

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