Happy National Flash Fiction Day

Pull out your trumpets people it’s time to celebrate.

Today is the inaugural National Flash Fiction day in the UK, and a large number of us not residing on that side of the planet have decided to join in giving the event an international flair.

I am very pleased to announce that three of my stories have been selected to be showcased in various publications celebrating this event.

The first of these stories is ‘Tick Tock’ which can be found on the FlashFloodJournal (it’s live now – and there is a constant stream of fiction over there all day – go check it out!).

The second story is ‘A Ghost Story’ which is included in the Twisted Tales Anthology which should be available for download later today. Also these stories will be made available later on via the Ether and also on Smashwords.

The final story ‘Faithlessness’ was included in a pamphlet which is being handed out around Brisbane and across Manchester as part of the celebrations for National Flash Fiction Day. (A big shout out to Chris White for putting this together).

Obviously I am very proud that my work is finally getting out there in the big wide world! Please head over to the #NFFD hash tag on twitter and share the love.

Are you participating in any National Flash Fiction Day celebrations? Did you go and check out any of the published stories? What did you think? As always I love hearing from you.

Jody Moller

Wednesday’s Rambling Writer – Tick Tock Flash + ROW80

For those of you participating in ROW80 you no doubt already realise that Round 3 ends tomorrow!!! For those of you that aren’t I will tell you – Round 3 of a Round of Words in 80 days ends tomorrow!!! I am smack bang in the middle of the big push towards the finish line.

So I thought a piece of flash fiction I wrote a few months back entitled ‘Tick Tock’ might be appropriate. It had been submitted to a contest through the Creative Competitor website. Sadly, I didn’t win the competition but I still love the story and I hope you do to.

The rules were that the story had to be a maximum of 250 words and had to revolve around a pocket watch. So without further ado here it is (oh and my ROW80 word counts for the week are at the bottom, make sure you check them out because they are awesome – if I may say so myself).

Tick Tock

Tick. Tock. My heart pounded out a congruent rhythm.

‘The watch is the clue.’ Those had been his words. But I couldn’t see it. To me it looked like an ordinary pocket watch. Ornate, old, tarnished. I turned it over in my hand.

Tick. Tock.

The hands were moving too fast. Time was running out.

How did it come to this? Here in this square, white room, the stench of disinfectant almost overpowering.

Rhetorical question. I knew how I got here. The sins of my past were a series of stepping stones leading to this inevitable end.

‘The watch is the clue.’

I resigned myself to the fact that I would never know the answer, closed my eyes and listened to the last few minutes of my life ticking away.

No wait, that was it!

Time. Time was the clue. Not the watch.

To be more precise, the passing of time.

Time heals all wounds. That’s what he’d meant. He was telling me that he forgave me my sins. Unforgivable as my sins were. He forgave me.

Another tick.

With an audible beep the plungers on all four syringes began their automated journey. Apple green liquid snaked its way towards my manacled hand.

I looked down at the watch, given to me by the father of my victim. A final absolution of my sins. Somehow its presence provided me with strength, quenched my fear.

Another tock.

I tightened my fingers around the pocket watch. It would all be over soon.


ROW80 Weekly Update

Thurs – 1031

Fri – 603

Sat – 1142

Sun – 1406

Mon – 1117

Tues – 1214

Wed – 1782

Yes that’s right people, this week I have written 8295 words on Soul Hunter 😀

I was determined to come home at a full sprint and I still have a full day to go.

I will post a full review of all I have acheived over the course of ROW80 once it is all over (probably on Friday) Tomorrow I am hoping to do very little other than write, write, write!!! [except Son has had a temp all day today and husband heads of overseas tommorrow and I have to make cupcakes for Daughters last ever day at preschool, but still I am going to try and write as much as I can]

I hope you have all had a great week and I don’t forget that words written on the last day still count! Oh yeah and make sure you leave a comment and tell me if you liked my story 🙂

Jody Moller

Writer’s Campaign Challenge #1 – The Close

Today I am finally feeling better so I decided to give the Writer’s Campaign Challenge a go. The first challenge is to write a flash fiction piece (the rules are listed below). I put this together very quickly so please excuse me any grammatical or spelling mistakes 🙂

[I am #286 on the Writer’s Campaign Linky – if you like my story please click the like button!]

The Rules:

Write a short story/flash fiction story in 200 words or less, excluding the title. It can be in any format, including a poem. Begin the story with the words, “The door swung open” These four words will be included in the word count.

If you want to give yourself an added challenge (optional), use the same beginning words and end with the words: “the door swung shut.” (also included in the word count)

For those who want an even greater challenge, make your story 200 words EXACTLY!

The Story: btw it is 200 words exactly 🙂

The Close

The door swung open.

“You’re supposed to knock!” She spat the words at him, every syllable tainted with venom.

“It’s my god damn house.” He averted his gaze, not wanting to catch a glimpse of the hatred gleaming in her crystal blue eyes.

Once there had been affection between them, but trivial arguments had tainted their love. It started when they lost the ability to openly communicate with one another. They constructed barriers, impenetrable walls, through which conversation was impossible. The natural progression of things meant that the lies were not far behind. The final straw had been when he had spent the night with some cheap whore. He was walking, talking proof it was never a good idea to pick up at the local bar when you lived in a small town.

“Well?” she raised her left eyebrow questioningly.

“I’m just here for my stuff.”

He picked up the box from the kitchen table. She’d packed up his things, keen to remove him from her life. He felt a twinge deep inside; those mundane words couldn’t be the last he spoke to her in their home. He turned to face her.

“Enjoy Hell, you bitch.”

The door swung shut.

Wednesday’s Rambling Writer – I Just Had The Weirdest Dream + ROW80

I have been wanting to write another flash fiction piece for a while now and as I didn’t have anything in particular planned for today’s Wednesday’s Rambling Writer post, I thought that a flash piece might just be on the cards. I had a niggling feeling that Haley Whitehall had posted a challenge for this month so I went searching and sure enough she had…

The theme this month was Dreams. More specifically, you are to write a piece revolving around a dream. The rules are listed here:

  • Genre: Anything goes. Mystery, romance, historical fiction, science fiction, horror, fantasy, slip-stream, or whatever. Warning if it horror I’ll be reading through my fingers.
  • Word count: It should be 500 words or less (go ahead and write some more if you really must ).
  • How to share: You can put it up on your blog and link here or (if you don’t have a blog) you can email it to me and I’ll put it in a post for you.
  • Time limit: From now until the next challenge is posted.

Now, just by coincidence my husband had a weird dream a few nights ago, when he recounted it to me I thought  it might make a cool story. So I quickly (like really quickly, so excuse any errors) typed up a flash piece. Only problem is I couldn’t get it down to 500 words (honestly I didn’t even try to, it is 728 words and it is almost bedtime so editing just seems to difficult).

Anyway, here it is. I hope you like it. As always let me know what you think. (Oh and BTW some ROW80 stuff is at the bottom!)

I Just Had The Weirdest Dream

He was trying to avoid looking at it, to avoid thinking about it, but it was huge – how could you possibly avoid it? Instead he focused on his daughter’s face.

“Daddy, I’m scared.” Her words sharpened his senses. “What is it?”

“It’s just a cloud, don’t look at it.”

They had first heard about it on the news less than 2 hours ago. The news broadcast had been a warning sent out to all residents in The Valley, they had received text messages too – one of those new emergency-mass-transmission ones. The message had been simple.

‘The viral cloud is coming. It will hit The Valley within the hour. Do not inhale the fog. People with purple discolouration in their eyes should be avoided.’

The interviewers were talking about how violent the infected people were. There were fresh warnings to trust no one – not even your neighbours.

About that time he had turned off the news and returned it to the kid’s channel – his son and daughter sat together holding hands.

That was when the screaming had started – as if the enormous black haze that was floating down the main street of town was not terrifying enough, now they also had to contend with a mass of rioters and who knew how many of them were infected. He could hear their screams, the loud falls of their feet against the pavement as they progressed past his house.

When a brick careened through the front window he realised that their current location wasn’t safe – they needed to leave The Valley.

“We have to get out of here.” He saw his kid’s eyes open wide as he spoke; he knew the thought of leaving the house was terrifying; I mean it was scary for him, he couldn’t imagine how daunting it would be for a 5 and 7 yr old. “I need you to stay close to me at all times. Keep these on,” he said, fitting thin paper masks over the kid’s faces. “And keep moving forward.”

He knew from watching the news that the authorities had set up a barricade around the borders of town, if he could make it there, away from the rioters and infected people, he knew everything would be alright.

As a precaution he slipped his Smith and Wesson handgun into his pocket before they left.

The first assault occurred as they reversed their car of the driveway. The woman came out of nowhere, screaming at him to stop. She was hysterical, her tears smearing mascara all over her face. He didn’t look into her eyes; he didn’t want to see the evidence of infection. He told his kids to close their eyes as he kept on driving – her body felt like nothing more than a speed bump.

He drove in the opposite direction to the cloud. They made it four of the required six blocks before they were forced to get out of the car and walk, the road was filled with abandoned cars. The second assault occurred only a block from the barricade – they could already see the gates when a man with grey hair ran at them, his arms flailing wildly, his words running together into an unintelligible mess.

He couldn’t risk the man getting too close – he removed his gun from his pocket and fired a single round. The man’s head exploded.

A tall police officer loomed over the gate; he pushed his kids towards him. In the background he could hear a voice, crackling through the static on the man’s radio.

“The virus causes severe hallucinations. There is no cure. Eradication is the only option. You are green-lighted to kill on sight.”

As the officer took a step towards him he caught a glimpse of his own reflection in the man’s badge. He looked manic, his hair dishevelled, his face splattered with blood, the whites of his eyes a deep shade of purple.

He lifted his gaze and came face to face with the police officers gun. Two images flashed before his eyes – the woman with the mascara smeared face and the grey haired man. With a sickening twist in his gut he realised he knew them both – his wife, his father. The crack of the gun was deafening.

I sat up in bed, heart pounding, covered in sweat. I turned to my wife.

“I just had the weirdest dream…”

Okay so onto ROW80. Straight into it! Here are my word counts for the week:

Thurs – 749

Fri – 761

Sat – 562

Sun – 1020

Mon – 745

Tues – 556

Wed – 528

Which gives me a total for the week of 4921 and a total so far for ROW80 of 27732. Which I am pretty happy with. I managed to hit my 500 everyday and I read more than half of Kristen Lamb’s We Are Not Alone, which was my other main aim for the week.

So goals for the coming week include:

  1. 500 words a day on Soul Hunter
  2. Comment on at least 10 ROW80 blogs
  3. Finish Kristen’s book
  4. Finish critiquing a short story for a friend

I hope you are all going well with your goals and that you liked my story.

Jody Moller

Wednesday’s Rambling Writer – The Elathial Texts

This week I really wanted to post a flash fiction piece, but time being what it is (ie somewhat absent of late) I haven’t had time to write one. So instead I thought I would post a short story (very short actually – it is only just over 250 words) that I have written as part of my research for my new novel The Soul Hunter.

I may well be alone in this endeavour but when I am preparing background for a new story, particularly a story with elements of fantasy, I like to construct my world through the use of short stories which are like excerpts from historical documents. These stories may or may not become part of the the main body of the story, but either way they help me develop the background of the story before I start writing.

The piece below is an excerpt from ‘The Elathial Texts’.

Let me know what you think.

Jody Moller

The Elathial Texts (partial excerpt)

When time began there was only Elathial. There was no God, no Devil, no Heaven, no Hell. Elathial was the one that created the Heavens and the Earth. Made night and day. Made plants, animals and, of course, man.

But Elathial was at war with himself. He consisted of equal parts good and evil. And his two sides constantly disagreed. Overtime his two halves grew increasingly acrimonious, until the day of the cataclysmic split.

Elathial was no longer. In his place were two celestial beings; one of good and one of evil. Unbeknownst to the two beings, one could not exist without the other.

The two beings took residence on opposite sides of the Heavens, a gilded, impenetrable gate dividing the two. God took possession of all ‘good’ souls, Satan took possession of the ‘evil’.

As time passed, the two beings grew weak.

Their saviour was discovered quite by accident.

Satan was always one for practical jokes. He kidnapped a hundred souls, good souls, destined for God’s green pastures. As the souls cowered before Satan his mouth instinctively opened, saliva dripping from his pointed fangs. He inhaled, sharply, vigorously, and consumed the hundred souls.

His strength returned. He felt renewed, powerful.

Satan needed to consume the souls of the ‘good’ to survive. God needed to consume the souls of the ‘evil’.

To achieve this end Satan created an army of Demons from the darkest souls in his possession. To counter, God produced an army of Angels.

The Demons’ purpose was to bargain with humans, insight sin among the inherently good.

The Angels’ purpose was to conquer the Demons.