Prologue Central

Today over on Shelley Watters’ Blog I entered a contest that required, as part of your entry, the first 250 words of your novel. As part of my entry, I posted virtually the entire prologue of my second WIP, ‘Kali Jacobs, Please Take a Seat.” It occurred to me that, perhaps, some of you may also enjoy reading it (or even better might have some ‘constructive’ criticism for me). So here is the prologue from my novel in it’s entirety. By the way this book is a Contemporary YA novel.


The Exasperated Novelist


Random thoughts float towards me under a veil of sleep like wisps of cloud drifting across a mountain. I can hear only snippets of their meaning as they zoom past.

‘Life is a vast and meaningless void…’

‘Eventually all pain must end…’

‘Not everything is what it seems…’

The fog of unconsciousness lifts slowly and gradually I become aware of my surroundings.

I am lying on my back on a firm mattress; my head cushioned by a pillow; a sheet tucked securely around my body.

As my eyes flutter open the vision before me comes into focus.

The room I am in is white; pristinely white and painfully clean. Beside the bed is a complicated looking piece of machinery that beeps at regular intervals, an array of tubes and wires from the machine disappear under the sheet that covers me. Above my head a swollen bag of saline hangs on an IV pole, the tube snaking its way to a cannula in my right hand.

My thoughts are still clouded, fuzzy around the edges, as I try to determine where I am. Then as I look down at the misshapen sheet that covers my body everything comes flooding back. In that single heart wrenching moment I remember where I am; I remember why I am here. Invisible hands compress my chest.

I am in The Sydney Children’s Hospital.

I am lying in the recovery suite having just come to following a general anesthetic.

I am not the same person I was just a few hours earlier.

I force my eyes to focus on the sheet that covers my lower body; to look at the spot where less than five hours ago my left leg would have been; to look at the spot that is now nothing but a void.

Then I close my eyes and I cry.