Friday Free-For-All – Yeah thanks, way to make me feel appreciated!

Not five minutes ago I was tucking my delightful (I use that term loosely) 2-yr old son into bed. Stories are finished, I’m giving him a kiss, telling him I love him – you know the usual. Son turns to me and says “Mum…” (pause, my heart prepares to melt, I’m sure he is going to say ‘I love you too’…) “Get out.” I kid you not. My 2-yr old just told me to get out of his room so he could go to sleep. Yes, son, I love you too.

This got me thinking about all the times our kids manage to make us feel totally unappreciated. I think back to when I had a ‘real’ job (the inverted commas are for those people that have never considered any of my jobs ‘real’ jobs! You know who you are!) and I used to feel that my boss didn’t appreciate me – well step aside PK you ain’t got nothing on my kids!

My favourite moment of unappreciation (is that even a word?) was about a year ago when I was having a conversation with my then almost 4 yr old daughter. We were discussing what she wanted to be when she grew up, which was and still is one of her favourite topics (just this week her future ambitions have ranged as far as a rock star, a fisherman (don’t know where that one came from) and a policewoman).

Daughter turns to me and says: “When I grow up I am going to be a Mummy” (ohhh… nice, so you want to be just like me, my heart melts a little, but then she continues…) “But I am going to clever Mummy, not like you, I am going to have a job and be a Mummy at the same time!”

OMG my daughter thinks I am stupid because I don’t have a job?!?!

It took me a few days to convince her that once upon a time (before nappies and sleepless nights) I actually had a job, and eventually she agreed that I was in fact clever!

This is a topic that she often brings up – the fact that other people’s mothers work and hers doesn’t. It is difficult to explain to a 4-yr old (without her taking what you say and repeating to her friends – thereby offending their parents) that you have chosen to stay home from work so you can spend as much time as possible with her. I just hope that one day she can see this from my perspective and perhaps appreciate the sacrifices I have made – at least a little bit (plus realize that I am infact very clever 😉 )

Have you had any moments where your kids have left you feeling unappreciated? Would love to hear from you.

Jody Moller